Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League,


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  • Division One League: Round 3 Results

    After third round of matches in the Sportpesa Super 8 Division one League, competition is water tight as the top five teams are tied of seven points albeit on differing goal differences.

  • Leaders Makadara slip up in SPS8 Div One round 9 as Shauri run riot


    Makadara Junior League SA players walk off the field after a recent SPS8 PL match at Camp Toyoyo grounds. They were humbled 1-2 by DFP in round 9.

    Despite being humbled 2-1 by new boys ROG FC in the ninth round fixture on Monday 1 May, Sportpesa Super 8 Division One leaders Makadara Junior League SA stretched their stay at the top of the standings for the fourth week running albeit on a reduced point gap.

  • RYSA extend leadership as Shamako run riot in Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League round 12


    Shamako FC registered their biggest win of the season so far, ripping apart Real Mathare 7-1 in their round 12 tie.

    Round 12 of the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League exposed some interesting results with top three teams picking wins that shows how serious the promotion battle is at the second division.

    Only three rounds of matches are left to go before the first leg elapses and teams are working tirelessly to make hay while the sun still shines. Understandably others are still struggling to match up with the fiery tempo of the championships which has so far attracted a large audience at the grass root.

  • Sportpesa Super 8 Div One week 11 fixtures

    As per the usual tradition, eight matches will be played on Sunday 14 May marking the 11th round of the competitions' second tier, the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One league. It is no doubt that this is where most of the riveting action is in plenty and here is a full weekend fixture of where you can catch the youthful talented stars from all over Nairobi county tear each other apart all for three points that will enhance their respective teams' chances of gaining promotion to the main league come 2018.

  • Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League: Round 12 Fixtures


    Round 12 fixtures of the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League promises to be lit with an intetresting pairing lined up this Saturday 20 May across various grounds. Here are the fixtures

  • Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League: Week 14 Fixtures


    Seven matches will kick-off on Saturday 3 June as the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League enters round 14 at different venues within the capital, Nairobi. Before that, one match, pitting Rongai All Stars FC Vs Shamako Babes will be played on Thursday 1 June to complete the ususal eight games match-up. Here is full column of the weekend's fixtures

  • SPS8 DIV ONE LEAGUE: Week 9 Fixtures


    Seven Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League round 9 matches will be played on Sunday 30th April with one matche slated for Monday 1 April. FULL FIXTURE

  • SPS8 DIV ONE WEEK 5 REPORT: Leads go on top, ROG find rythm as Baba Dogo United and Angola slump further


    Leads United in celebratory mood. They beat Shamako Babes 2-1 to go on top of the SPS8 Div One standing after game week 5.

    Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League got new pace setters after match day 5 with Leads United taking the hot seat on a weekend where immediate former leaders Lebanon FC were downed at home ending their brief stint atop. New entrants ROG faned the flames on their campaign by registering a second successive win in style as Baba Dogo United's dwindling fortunes suffered another blow after being hit by arch rivals. Here is how the teams performed in round 5.

  • SPS8 DIV ONE WEEK 7 REPORT: Makadara take control of standings, Mathare rout Jesda as Sportiff get second win of the season


    Makadara Junior players celebrate the first goal scored by Benson Nyongesa against Dagoretti Former Players FC on Monday 17 April at Camp Toyoyo grounds. Makadara are on top of the Sps8 Div One Standings after winning the match 2-0.

    It was bumper harvest of goals on the Easter weekend as Sportpesa Super 8 Premier League entered its 7th round with 26 goals having been plundered across the seven matches that were played across various locations within the county.

  • SPS8 DIV ONE: Lebanon FC take the lead in round four

    Leadership of 2017 Sportpesa Super 8 Division One league standing exchanged hands after match day four with east conference and Kamukunji based Lebanon FC assuming the pole position after romping Parkroad 2-1 ousting RYSA who trickle down to 4th place behind Leads United and Dagoretti Former Players FC who occupy second and third position in that order.

  • SPS8 DIV ONE: Round 4 Fixtures


    More grass root football action is lined up on the weekend of 25-26 March as the Sportpesa Super 8 Divsion One League marks match day 4 across Nairobi. Here are the fixtures:

  • SPS8 Div One: Second leg gets underway, full round 16 fixtures


    Race for promotion in the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League resumes as the second leg gets underway this Saturday 1 July with 8 round of 16 fixtures scheduled to be played across different places. Here is a fixture of the weekend matches.

  • SPS8 DIV ONE: Week 10 Fixtures


    With only four slots available up for promotion to the lucrative SPS8 Premier League next season, competition in the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League is getting tougher by the day as participants tussle for three important points that will be vital in their quest for the ascention in the main tier next season. In this regard, the 16 combatants in the second tier engage in another round of pulsating football as the 2017 first leg edition picks full momentum. Here is a weekend full fixture

  • SPS8 DIV ONE: Week 2 Fixtures


    The second round of the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League matches will be played between Saturday 11 March and Sunady 13 March 2017 at different venues within Nairobi county.

    Here are the weekend's fixtures:

  • SPS8 Div One: Week 3 report


    Fans follow the proceedings between Lebanon FC and Angola FC at Makongeni grounds on Sunday 19 March that ended 2-1 in favour of Lebanon.

    Round three of theSportpesa Super 8 Division One League drew mixed results as East conference teams underperfomered compared to their west counterparts who are now commanding the top three slots in 16-team table standings. Here is how the weekend matches faired.

  • SPS8 DIV ONE: Week 5 results


    Another dramatic weekend marked round 5 of the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League as the ding-dong battle at the top of the standings saw Leads United take the leading role after piping Shamako Babes FC 2-1 ousting immediate former leaders Lebanon FC who swapped placed with Dagoretti Former Players who beat them 0-1 to now occupy second spot.

  • SPS8 DIV ONE: Week 6 fixtures


    Another delicious treat for grass root football fans is on the menu this weekend when the Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League enters match day 6 at various locations spread all over Nairobi County. Here are the fixtures:

  • SPS8 DIV ONE: Week 6 Results

    If week 6 results of the Sportpesa Super 8 Division one League are anything to go by, then this year’s competition promises to be fiercely contested one. For the fifth time in six weeks this season, the prime position of the league standing swapped hands  with newly promoted Dagoretti Former Players FC taking the reins after overpowering Shamako Babes 1-0 at home to lead the pack with a two point cushion with 15 points garnered from five wins.



    Sportpesa Super 8 Division One League enters the 7th round this Easter weekend. Here is a full fixture:  

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